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Dr. Elham Kafaee Services

Dr. Elham Kafaee is a cosmetic physician in Tehran who is a member of the Iran Scientific Association of General Surgeons. Dr. Kafaee with a high level of experience in the field of skin rejuvenation techniques helps patients to raise their self-confidence. All the men and women who are eager to rejuvenate their skin can visit Dr. Elham Kafaee

Dr. Kafaee Fat Injection method

How do we notice aging? It is enough to take a look in the mirror and observe the wrinkles that have appeared on the skin and the lost volume in some parts of the face, and we will clearly understand this
The emergence of such cases is an unpleasant issue for many people, regardless of gender. Also, it can reduce their self-confidence. Because we all know that the beauty and youthfulness of the face have a direct effect on a person’s self-confidence and connection with their community
The good news is that with a professional doctor in the field of skin rejuvenation and health, like Dr. Elham Kefaee, you can easily make your age look younger than it is. Fat injection is a very desirable and effective procedure. You better know that Dr. Kafaee fat injection method increases the effectiveness and satisfaction of the result
Using modern methods and techniques, she performs the process of fat suction and injection into different parts of the face. In addition to filling deep skin wrinkles, the fat injection has a unique function in volume and shaping lips and cheeks to make your face look more attractive

Dr. Elham Kafaee Services

Dr. Elham Kafaee Services

Laser hair removal

Having thick body hair reduces glow and smoothness of the skin. Laser hair removal technology helps people have a nice and smooth skin by removing rough hair from different parts of the body and face

Filler injection

If you want to have prominent cheeks and beautiful lips, just so that the charm and the beauty of your face will be multiplied and also your self-esteem will be increased, then gel injection is for you


If fine lines and wrinkles have appeared on your skin because of aging, and you’re suffering because of this, then you can undergo Botox injection and stop them from spreading and stay young


Microneedling procedure is part of the rejuvenation techniques and it’s very safe. This procedure has minimal complications and has a significant role in increasing self-esteem


Profhilo is the newest and safest way to rejuvenate skin. With the natural and attractive effects of this method, many Iranian actors and actresses choose this technique


Skin dryness and stretch marks are probably one of the main reasons for having fine lines and wrinkles. By going under microdermabrasion, you can remove them with a safe and quick procedure

Thread lift

Are you tired of the sagging skin and signs of aging? Thread lift can stimulate collagen production and eliminate defects on your face


Regrowth of the hair, treating alopecia and also having rejuvenated skin, help people to feel young and beautiful. All of this can be achieved with mesotherapy

?What is the most effective use of mesotherapy

This method is useful for skin rejuvenation Removing the skin and pregnancy spots, skin lifting, removing excess fat, and even treating hair loss.

?Is there any age or gender restriction for fat injection

No, all men and women at any age are able to undergo fat injection.

? What are the results of profhilo

Profhilo treats damaged skin even around the sensitive area and results in a youthful face.

?How long does it take to observe Botox results

Usually, it takes 3 to 10 days for Botox to have an effect on the targeted area.

?Is the microneedling needle disposable

The needles used in microneedling device should be discarded after each procedure. Reusing the needles for another person is not hygienic and the possibility of disease transmission and contracting various diseases, including AIDS and hepatitis, increases.

?Is it possible to put makeup on after the thread lift

After 48 hours, there is no limitation to putting your makeup on. But remember not to put too much pressure on your skin.

Client Comment

Experience the health and beauty of skin and hair with Dr. Kafaee

The beauty of the face and the health of the skin and hair is an issues that many women and men care about these days. The high demand from people who tend to be more attractive has made specialists always look for new ways and methods that can bring a better effect. We must accept the fact that we cannot prevent aging; therefore, the appearance of facial skin wrinkles and the loss of volume in some parts of it are considered normal. But as it was said, you don’t need to worry about the longevity of the effects of aging; Because by visiting a professional doctor, you can easily restore youth to your skin in a short time
The youthful look of the skin decreases over time. Also, you may experience hair loss. It is obvious that the speed of mentioned procedure is not the same for everyone because many reasons are involved; such as skin type and lifestyle and even genetic factors. But in whatever situation you are, hair rejuvenation and revitalization processes can work for you. Do not forget that visiting a doctor with experience in this field is the first step to achieving the desired result
If we want to name one of the most desirable trends that help reduce skin aging, we can mention fat injection. As you know, natural fat tissue suction from the body of the patient is used in this process. This feature has led to positive results and satisfied applicants
Dr. Elham Kafaee, with years of experience and activity in the field of skin, hair, and cosmetic procedures in Tehran, creates the best results in the field of fat injection. Of course, along with this trend, dear patients can benefit from their other services, including filler and Botox injections, thread lifts, hair fillers, and others. Dr. Kafaee performs their services with high quality and uses the best available materials and equipment; Because their priority is the satisfaction of their dear clients. If you are looking for more youth and beauty, visit Dr. Kefaee so that after the necessary consultations, the best process will be chosen so you will regain the health and youth of your skin and hair

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